Wheels for Dads!

The Bayside Sports – Dad’s Cricket Championship is to be held from the 14th Nov – 15th Dec., 2016 at Central Railway Ground, Parel. It aims to bring all dads of various Mumbai school kids to competitive cricket!

The league will soon expand to different cities across India.

Guess who is going to be the part and parcel of this great contest – Bingo ! You got it right!

Neo Wheels is proud to be associated with this amazing cricket league and will felicitate the Best Batsman, Best Bowler and the Best Fielder with a set of alloywheels.

Don’t forget to mark your presence as a part of the contest or the audience. Let’s cherish the nostalgia & enjoy the excitement chilling down the spine as you play or cheer whole-heartedly for your favorites!

To get details at latest news about the event please check the links below :




Everyone is invited!

Be it the field, the stadium or the street, GO WITH CONFIDENCE with NEO WHEELS!